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Sea container transportation

Main direction of the marine transportation is the shipping in container equipment. This trend exists for a long time and has taken a leading position in modern maritime transportation.

Company "Econad" during many years provides its customers with services for the carriage of goods. Over the years we have developed strong partnerships with almost all shipping lines that have offices in Ukraine. By means of continuous monitoring the market of maritime container traffic we can offer the best rates of sea freight.

Our specialization it’s sea transportation of cargoes from different countries to the ports of Ukraine in the 20- and 40-foot containers.

We can offer the following services for organization of sea container transportation:

  • Cooperation with shipping lines for the best freight rates;
  • Affreightment of sea containers;
  • Conduction all documentary transport operations;
  • Coordination of clearance at the port, liner agency and regulatory authorities;
  • Port internal forwarding of containers;
  • Shipping cargo in containers with a partial load (so-called LCL shipment);
  • Organization of cargo delivery using specialized container equipment: reefer containers; containers with vertical load (Open Top); containers for oversized loads (Flat Rack); tank containers for liquid bulk and dry bulk.
  • Transportation of containers by road;
  • Unloading of cargo from containers and restuffing the cargo in vehicles at the specialized warehouses.

Company "Econad" provides fast, safe and high-quality delivery of goods by seaways. We render a full range of services: from the issuance of document sets to delivery of goods to the consignee.



Road transportation


Road transport is the most popular and accessible type of transportation of cargo in the world. Trucking in Ukraine is in great demand, and the need for it is always growing. The benefits of road transportation are: at first efficiency, then the possibility to create your own schedule with optimal route, select the right vehicle for the weight and dimensions of the cargo, and most importantly convenience it’s the ability to deliver cargo from door to door.

Road transportation in any point of Ukraine is one of the main business activities of our company.

In road haulage our company provides the following services:

• Transportation by road, including a passing load;

• Complex of services on the supplying and returning of containers;

• Organization of the loading and unloading of containers;

• Sealing;

• Delivery of containers by road from the door to the railway station;

• Fast and timely delivery of the goods;

• Preservation of the cargo during transportation;

• Complete registration of transport documents;

• All payments required to delivery of container;

• Permanent monitoring of cargo location;

• Consaltment on the organization of transport.

In our work, our company is steadily follows the principles:

• Individual approach to each client

• Respect to the client's interests

• Result orienting

• Decency and honesty in the work

Our experts are ready to promptly and professionally make you advice on the organization and carrying out transportation of goods, optimization delivery costs, assist in the selection of the vehicles to deliver the cargo according to its dimensions and weight.

You can order cargo transportation by road in Ukraine in the needed volume and direction by contacting our manager and sending an online application form to the email address specified in the "Contacts" section.

We are glad to see you as our client!


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Reefer transportation

When it comes necessary to the deliver the cargo that require a definite permanent temperature, ventilation and wet mode on the whole route we use reefer transportation. Such cargoes may be fish and seafood, milk and dairy products, eggs, fats and oils of animal and vegetable origin, vegetables, fruits, medicines, chemical products, etc.

Universal equipment for the transportation of goods by land and sea transport modes is a reefer container.

Reefer container it’s a container equipped with special refrigeration set that saves goods sensitive to temperature changes. Reefer container is transported like an ordinary container, but with a special power supply connection.

We have enough experience and are ready to provide transport, fitted with special equipment for the transportation of refrigerated cargo in containers, which allows to maintain the required temperature of the cargo from the moment of loading goods in the factory till their delivery to the port of destination.

Immediately prior to loading on the vehicle of the empty container examination and verification of the container (the level of Freon, check valves, and the electronic control unit) is carried out by experts in order to ensure that the container will arrive to the shipper suitable for loading. During reefer transportation the permanent control of temperature, wet and ventilation mode is permanently carrying out.

Transportation in reefer containers has the following advantages:

• The cargo is delivered on a "door to door" scheme that allows you to avoid unnecessary expenses and inconveniences connected with the restuffing of cargo;

• You can use multimodal scheme of delivery combining sea, rail and road transport;

• Provides a high level of safety of the goods and packing (significantly reduced the loss of presentation marketable condition of goods or theft risks);

• Possibility to deliver a shipments of 20 tons weight or more;

• Reefer containers are modern equipment, which is actively produced to date and improved every year. Due to their isothermal properties and processability containers better maintain the temperature and ensure complete safety of the quality of transported cargo.

We provide all the necessary national and international standards performing reefer transportation.



Freight forwarding

Freight forwarding it is a special kind of transport services related to the support and organization of transportation of goods. The concept of forwarding is often considered synonymous with "freight", but this is not quite true. Freight forwarding involves not only the transportation of cargo to destination, but also all the related services for the organization of transport such as registration of all necessary documents, various permits, declarations, insurance etc., the passing of cargo through sanitary inspection and quarantine, customs and so on.

The company "Econad" for a long time produces a full range of freight forwarding services in the ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk). We are ready to offer you a high level of service, as well as an immediate solution to all the legislative, organizational and other issues that often arise in the process of delivery.

We provide the following services of freight forwarding:

• Calculating the cost of freight forwarding services;

• Organization of reception, collection, storage and handling operations in ports;

• Registration of goods in regulatory authorities;

• Organization of cargo inspection and sample selection for certification of survey conclusion, fumigation, quarantine and veterinary control;

• Organization the storage of goods that require special temperature conditions at the warehouses-refrigerators, which are located in ports;

• Surveyor services;

• Delivery of goods to / from the port.

Company ECONAD offers service gsm-tracker. Using this service you can track location of your cargo and trace its movement in real time and in each point of the world.

Our company has sufficient experience in freight forwarding services providing by highly qualified team of our employees, offers a worthy solution for support of your cargo, takes care of the safe delivery of your goods, saves your time and makes every effort to make work with us pleasant and convenient for you.


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Door-to-Door service

Service of delivery of goods by system «door-to-door» has received a big popularity in the development of freight transportation. This service allows to completely eliminate taking part of the client in process of cargo delivery, all aspects of carrying out this operation will take the forwarding company. The whole route is calculated by our managers so that the delivery of the goods carrying out as quickly as possible and does not require such a large investments. Our company delivers the goods by «door-to-door» scheme by means of air, railway, automobile, container transport.

Now you can save a lot of time and nerves while reducing the cost of transportation organization due to the fact that the authorized company provides services in the complex, not in parts.

«Door-to-door» delivery includes the following services:

• Organization of supply to the shipper for loading containers onto trucks;

• Delivery of containers with cargo from the shipper's warehouse to the port of loading;

• Loading of container / cargo on the vessel;

• Port forwarding;

• Tracking money transfers for customs clearance;

• Cargo placing in temporary storage warehouses;

• Performing customs clearance procedures;

• Delivery of cargo to the warehouses;

• Preparation of necessary certificates and other permits for customs clearing;

• Delivery of cargo to the warehouse of the customer.

Taking care of each customer and understanding the importance of timeliness, quality and efficiency of delivery company "Econad" will remove the burden of care from your shoulders and will take the full range of services for transportation of cargo so important for you.



Surveyor inspection

As well as others company "Econad" provides survey services.

Survey services it is targeted inspection of goods by independent experts for compliance with the quantity, quality of packing and stowing of goods, marking, conformity between the actual quality / quantity of goods and those that stated in the contract or conditions of carriage requirements.

We can provide you with the following services:

• Control of the quantity / quality of goods;

• Checking of documents, certificates on compliance with standards and regulations;

• Checking the packing and marking;

• Selection and inspection of cargo samples;

• Inspection of containers, determination their suitability for the carriage of goods;

• Inspection of the process of loading / discharging of goods;

• Sealing of containers;

• Providing with photo report at the end of the inspection.

Our surveyors are your representatives during the loading and discharging of the consignment. They are carrying out survey inspection of the containers condition. The result of inspection is an independent inspection report containing accurate and complete information on the process of implementation, used regulations and the results of the analysis.

The key to success in carrying out survey by company "Econad" is the unconditional objectivity of each inspection report. Specialists of the company operating in this market for a long time have gained a great experience in this field and know what the client expects and what is worth to pay their special attention.

What are the advantages of survey services:

• Survey inspection it is a guarantee that the claim on the number or quality of the goods will be put to the sender and it will not come to disputes.

• Survey report has legal force as the surveyor is an independent party. It is practically impossible to prove your rightness without this document.

• It is an independent examination, during which is carried out detailed inspection and verification of cargo and vehicles.

• Surveyor is specializing in the investigation of the cargo damage and other insurance claims.

• In addition, the surveyor advising carriers and cargo owners, following the inspection procedure, reveals damage, collects facts, determines the cause of the accident or damage, explores the certificates and documents.

Working with our company you can expect the high-quality survey services for your shipping cargo.


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Customs clearance

Customs clearance it is a complex of certain operations performed when importing or exporting of goods. What determines the degree of complexity of customs clearance? First of all it’s kind of procedure: import, export, re-export, re-import, transit, temporary import and export, etc., each kind has its own rules of customs clearance and a list of required documents.

The process of customs clearance can be stopped by Customs if it finds a lack of necessary documents, or they do not meet the requirements of current legislation. In order to avoid such a situation, the majority of foreign trade parties need professional help.

Their tasks are first of all a consultation in the preparation of all the necessary supporting documents and permits before delivery goods across the border, the correct declaring and cleaning of goods in customs, as well as the implementation of the registration (accreditation) of subjects of foreign economic activity in customs authorities.

Company "Econad" provides a full range of services for customs clearance for import of goods to Ukraine or export of goods from Ukraine.

We will provide prompt and timely completion of all the operations related to customs clearance of your goods and provide you with a full set of documents confirming their legal import or export.

More than 20 years of experience enables us to overcome all difficulties at customs clearance first of all taking into account the interests of our clients. Competent staff, using the reliable methods of interaction with state authorities, ensures the legitimacy, transparency and security of all operations of customs clearance without delays at the most optimal time.

Our company performs a full range of services for customs clearance of goods, which includes:

• Definition of goods codes for customs authorities;

• Calculation of customs value and the amount of customs duties;

• Issuing of customs documents for import goods;

• Declaring of the goods for import and export;

• Registration certificates and permits for customs clearance;

• On your request, we carry out the preparation and issuance of certificates and permits, referred to in the sales contract for the export of goods.

You can find out the cost of customs clearance, as well as ask other questions by sending a request on email to the address specified in the "Contacts" section.



Insurance and certification

Company "Econad" takes responsibility of rendering full complex of services for insurance and certification.

Insurance cover extends to all types of cargo transported by road, air, marine transport for distance that you need.

We cooperate with the best professional insurance companies, have a lot of experience and guarantee compliance with all points of the insurance contract.

The rates of insurance (insurance fee) depends on:

• the choice of the kind of insured risk,

• the range and package of the goods,

• distance of transportation,

• period and method of cargo transportation and storage,

• availability of cargo security guards etc.

While implementation of international transportation and operations of importing goods in Ukraine it is required compulsory issuing of different certificates or obtaining of hygienic conclusion for defined list of goods.

Certification of cargoes and goods allows to importer confirm the high quality and safety of imported cargo or goods.

Please entrust solving of all issues connected with insurance and certification to our experts in order to make customs clearance and import-export of goods fast and without delays.

They have many years of experience and will consult and assist you in all questions about insurance and certification.

Company can assist you in getting such certificates and permitting documents:

• Sanitary-Hygienic conclusion;

• Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion;

• Hygienic conclusion

• Declaration of Conformity;

• Certificate of Conformity;

• Certificate of Origin;

• Phytosanitary Certificate;

• Quarantine Certificate, veterinary Certificate.